I just love love love bags. Some are simple, some are intricate, some are big, and some are small. Makes no difference, I must satisfy my bag obsession.

The majority of my bags are of my own original design, or I have modified the design because I just didn't like the pattern completely and I change the parts that I don't like. Added my own little "hive" flair! When I do this, I always give the original designer credit, but none of my bags are from a complete design.

Want to know a secret? I will give you a hint. Be sure to pay attention to the names I have given my bags. The ones particularly that are noted with "name" parenthesis. There is a contest coming up soon and you will need to rack your brains on what pattern I am setting before you. Oh! I feel so evil!

Do not forget, some of my bags can be customized to your color specifications. Just drop me a note by clicking on the envelope at the bottom of this screen. I am sure I can help you!