Harley Riding Bag

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I made a dozen of these little cross body riding bags for a local charity ride. Alas, this is the last one left. I have had so many requests for these bags specifically for the embroidered emblems, but I am not licensed to sell anything with the Harley Davidson name. I do not think they will come after me for selling one. These bags were auctioned off and 11 of them raised $321 to help pay the medical bills for a local child suffering from brain Cancer.
This bag is perfect to carry those little items that you do not want to lose. Put the strap cross body and tuck between either the driver or the rider and this will keep it from flapping in the wind. This is what I designed this bag for. I can attest that this bag is perfect for the riding lady. I tested this bag design myself.
  • 7 1/2"x6"
  • 40 1/2" cross body strap
  • Full size front zipper pouch
  • 5 1/2" back pocket
This product is made using 100% cotton fabric and batting. All zipper tapes are a cotton/polyester blend. The zipper teeth are plastic.
This product washes well in cold water. Drying on high heat is not recommended. Only a few minutes on a low setting to get the wrinkles out, reshape, and lay flat to dry. Press if necessary.

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